Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer

  1. If I have that kind of sophisticated camera like yours, I’m sure I can take good pictures too.
  2. Wow, your pictures are great. You must have a great camera!
  3. Shoot me for free, eh! I will promote you to others.
  4. Can you remove your watermark?
  5. Can you just photoshop my scar later?
  6. Can you remove this person on the Photoshop?
  7. Can you make me thinner? On the Photoshop maybe?
  8. Can you make me look good on the picture?
  9. Oh come on, it’s just a couple of shots. It won’t take a long time for you to shot it.
  10. Oh come on, it’s just a couple of shots. It’s not that hard. You’re good, right?
  11. Oh come on, it’s just a couple of shots. Just give it for free, eh?
  12. I’ll only need a couple of shots. Is that cheaper?
  13. Ah, all you have to do is just pressing the button, eh? It’s easy, then.
  14. It’s an easy job, your camera is very sophisticated. It does all the work, right?
  15. Can I have all the reject photos too?
  16. Can I have all the raw photos too?
  17. Hey, I’m going to have a party. Bring your camera, okay! We should make lots of good pictures.
  18. You are going to posh it on Facebook, right?
  19. Can you send me that photos to my email?
  20. Hey, you are not allowed to take photos here.
  21. What, you charge that much?!
  22. Can I get a discount if I edit the pictures myself?
  23. Why is the background so blurred?
  24. I love your photos. Can you help me editing my selfies?


“No matter how sophisticated the camera, the photographer is still the one that makes the picture.” —Doug Bartlow


A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said, “I love your pictures. They are wonderful, you must have a fantastic camera.” He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: “That was a wonderful dinner, you must have a terrific stove.” —Sam Haskins


“Having an expensive camera doesn’t make you a photographer. It just make you an owner of an overpriced camera.”


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional photographer, wait until you hire an amateur.”


“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” —Ansel Adams

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